CO2 Laser Cutter

CO2 Laser Cutter

1.Professional CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine. 2.High precision and speed. 3.60W-150W wide range power source. 4.Various application materials like acrylic,cloth, plastic,glasses,woods,PVC etc. 5.World famous brand components. 6.Different working size and working table can be customized.

Product Details

CO2 Laser Cutter

The Laser   Engraver AM6090L offered by Acme Laser is used to engrave many kinds of   non-metal materials, such as acrylic, bamboo products, cloth, plastic,   marble, glasses, woods, PVC. etc. This engraver can process Plexiglas products,   acrylic display panel lenses, wood carving, wood percutaneous flowers, and   advertising products, crystal characters, packing boxes, models, toys and   furniture.

It is   specially designed for high-speed engraving and the large extended raising

CO2 Laser Cutter

Blade working   table, with Motorized Up/Down Flatbed Table  

CO2 Laser Cutter

Famous brand   RECI laser tube, and power supply, long life, perfect cutting/engraving   effect and strong power.

CO2 Laser Cutter

Transmission   system,HIWIN Linear Guide Rail from Taiwan.

CO2 Laser Cutter

Automatic Up-down   working table with stepper motor, servo motor is optional

CO2 Laser Cutter

Footmaster   Caster,strong and easy to move

CO2 Laser Cutter

Laser head   with red-point positioning


Acrylic Engraving and  Cutting

 CO2 Laser CutterCO2 Laser Cutter 

  Wood Engraving

 CO2 Laser CutterCO2 Laser Cutter  

Paper and Leather  Cutting

 CO2 Laser Cutter CO2 Laser Cutter



AM6090L /AM1309L/AM1410L     

Processing    area


Laser    power


Laser    type:

Sealed Co2    glass laser tube

Cooling    mode:

Water    cooling and protection system

Resetting    positioning accuracy:


Compatible    Software:

Laser cut    5.3, CorelDraw,AutoCAD, Photoshop

Whole machine size:


Engraving    speed


Cutting    speed


Cutting    thickness

0-20 mm    acrylic (others determined by materials)

Resolution    ratio


Position    system:

Red dot



Minimum    shaping character

letter    0.8mm, Chinese 2mm

Support    graphic format


Gross    power


Driving    mode:

DC0.8A 24V    stepper motor

Cooling    mode:

Circulation    water cooling

Working    voltage:

AC 110 -    220V±10%, 50 - 60Hz or depend on customer

Driving    system



Up and    down table, rotary attachment


Plywood    box

Guarantee    time:

1 year,    laser tube 10 months

Net    weight:

400KGS (AM1309L)

Ⅲsuitable materials for cutting & engraving

Cardboard, Great for early prototypes, package  design, crafts, kids projects

Acrylic, Great for jewelry, hardware/electronic  enclosures, signage, ornaments, wall art, mobiles

Bamboo, Great  for jewelry, coasters, clocks, ornaments, picture frames, boxes, wall art,  mobiles

PLYWOOD, Great  for crafts, models, home decor, kids projects

FELT, Great  for jewelry, coasters, trivets, crafts, ornaments, lining

Mirror Acrylic, Great  for jewelry, signage, home decor, wall art, ornaments

Cork, Great  for cushioning/padding, coasters, crafts, kids projects, pin boards

Wood Veneer  MDF, Great  for clocks, magnets, puzzles, coasters, ornaments, jewelry, picture frames

Leather, Great  for bracelets, bags,  wallets, book covers, glasses case, mobile phone and mobile pad cases, zipper  pulls

Melamine MDF, Great  for countertops, tabletops, placemats, shelving