Cheap Professional Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Aluminium CNC Tube Cutting Equipment

Cheap Professional Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Aluminium CNC Tube Cutting Equipment

Largest Manufacturer of Metal Tube Fiber Laesr Cutting Machines in Northern China

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Cheap Professional Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Aluminium CNC Tube Cutting Equipment


ACME Pipe Tube Laser Cutting Machine LT-6020 is designed for high precision tube processing. It provides efficient processing of Round, Rectangular, Square, Oval, Triangle, D shape and other shapes of metal tube. Even Angle steel and Channel steel also can be cut at optimal speed using a fiber laser. The integration of leading-brand components assures you of top performance and high reliability. It has all functions as a professional CNC laser pipe tube cutting machine but with economic price.


Large Diameter Self-Centering Pneumatic Chucks for both front and back

12-25mm thickness machine bed is cut from whole steel panel with heat and aging treatment, milled by Italy COLGAR machining center with high precision.


Every screw hole and groove of the machine body as well as other compontents like chucks are handled by imported Italy COLGAR Large Gantry Milling Machine, U.S. Hass, Japan Mazak & Taiwan Winner. It guarantees the guide rail, gear and rack and every screw will be installed with high accuracy.


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Jinan ACME CNC Equipment CO., LTD is an enterprise that manufactures CNC fiber laser cutting machines with industry-leading technology and continuous R&D capability, providing comprehensive laser application solutions to national and overseas customers.

All the machines are certified by CE and FDA, which leaves a huge potential for strong development and production. The years of concentration makes us the professional of fiber laser cutting machine.

With the confidence given from years of experience in machine manufacturing sector, we have exported the machines to all around the world with a perfect understanding of customer satisfaction and giving a continuous contribution to the national economy.


Q: It will be my first fiber laser cutting machine. I don't know how to operate it.
A: We'll offer videos and English manual with the machine. English-speaking engineers will take charge of machine installation, technical training and sfter-sales service.

Q: How to choose the right model?
A: Just tell me your cutting material and cutting size. Let me help you get the machine easier and quicker.

Q: Any other question?
A: Please don't hesitate to contact me. Anytime.

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