CNC Fast Pipe Tube Automatic Feeding Loading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Fast Pipe Tube Automatic Feeding Loading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

China Top CNC 6020 Automatic Feeding Loading Fiber Laser Tube Pipe Cutting Equipment for Round Square Rectangle Oval Shapes

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Product Details

  LT-6020E Automatic Loading Pipe& Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

                                                          CHINA ACME LASER




1. Economic design for those who have needs for automatic loading 
2. Stronger bed based on our basic model
3. Pneumatic Chucks for easier clamping
4. Unique back chuck tail droping sytem
5. For max 160mm pipe automatic loading, bigger diameter customized 
6. Three sets of unloading psrt for more possibilites

Machine Details

1. Machine bed is pipe structure with steel sheet surround, heavier and more stable


2. Self-centering Pneumatic front chuck 220mm Diameter.


3. Back pneumatic self-centering chuck  


4. Tail dropping at back of machine


5. Material Unloading

Six pcs of pneumatic carrier,suitable for 20-160mm different types of pipe diameter to ensure the longer size of the pipe clamp accuracy due to its flexing. Redesigned by Acme Laser.For unloading part, there are 3 sets of pneumatic carrier.

6. Automatic Loading

f7d5b68128c3f2dcaa60556f10901dbStandard length 6m .
Loading diameter of the tube from 20 to 150mm,
Tube type : round ,oval,square, Rectangular tube

 Working Environment
For long term stable work of the machine, we have requirements for the following water, electricity, gas, work environment, foundation, processing materials.

1PowerLaser8kVATotal capacity no less than 40KVA.
Water Cooler12kVA
3 phase voltage stability380v±5%
Unbalanced three-phase power supplyless than 2.5%
Groundingless than 4 Ohm
2WaterWater Chillerdeionized water
3GasCutting gasN2>99.99%Different materials, different specifications
4Working environmentTemperature5-40 degreesLaser source installed in air conditioning room
Humidityless than 70%
FoundationNo earthquake source nearbyEarthquake-proof ditch for seismic Foundation
5Materialwithout rust in accordance with ISO or GB

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