CNC Pipe Tube Laser Cutter

CNC Pipe Tube Laser Cutter

1.Professional metal pipe tube cutting machine. 2.High cutting precision and speed. 3.All kinds of tube shapes. 4.Strong machine body never deformation. 5.Patent automatic loading system, only about 15s loading time.

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CNC Pipe Tube Laser Cutter

CNC pipe tube laser cutter from ACME Laser are performed with fiber laser systems designed for cutting round, square, rectangular, flat, oval, and virtually any other type of tubes. 

Our laser tube cutting systems enable to cut slots and holes in round tubing with diameters up to 500mm (minimum O.D.16mm) and square tubing with side dimensions up to 8". Maximum tube wall thickness 25mm on carbon steel and 12mm on stainless steel.

These laser tube cutting systems allow storage of tube bundles and can automatically load and position tubes with lengths between 3m and 6m without operator intervention. Shorter and longer tube lengths can be customized (up to 12m).

CNC Pipe Tube Laser Cutter

  • No tooling expenses

  • Minimal burrs or chips on cuts

  • Accurate tolerances (repeatability)

  • Multiple operations can be consolidated into one cycle

  • Small to large production runs

  • Conserve material by nesting several parts into the length of one tube

  • Ability to be run unattended

CNC Pipe Tube Laser Cutter


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