Double Exchange Table Metal Sheet/Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Double Exchange Table Metal Sheet/Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Metal Tube/Pipe Fiber laser cutting machine 20-230mm 1.Application Metal cutting, manufacturing of electrical switches, elevator manufacturing, household appliances manufacturing, kitchenware ,Instrument,decoration and so on manufacturing, processing tools, and other machinery manufacturing and...

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Metal Tube/Pipe Fiber laser cutting machine 20-230mm

Full cover fiber laser cutting machine



Metal cutting, manufacturing of electrical switches, elevator manufacturing, household appliances manufacturing, kitchenware ,Instrument,decoration and so on


manufacturing, processing tools, and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.


2.Requirements for Material and Assist Gas (to be arranged by customer):

Mild Steel: Has to be of high quality, rust free, with low silicon content (Si<0.020%) and possibly pickled. The reference material is RAEX380

Stainless Steel: The reference material is AISI304 (International-US) The sheets have to be flat, stress free, rust free and certified.

Assist Gas: The gases must have a high purity:

• Oxygen (O2) 99.95% (quality3.5)-minimum values

• Nitrogen (N2) 99.95% (quality3.5)-minimum values


Note: Gas manifold and bottles / Cryogenic cylinders for O2, Air and N2 are to be arranged by customer.



3.General Requirements:

1.    Overall weight of the machine is approx. 3500 to 4500 kg depending upon accessories selected. Customer needs to put sufficient space all around machine for maintenance.

2.    It would be responsibility of customer to move the machine inside the premises and arranging the man and machine for the handling of heavy assemblies.  AIIL will not be responsible of material movement or installation if sufficient space is not available to do so.

3.    We recommend having minimum 1 meter space on all sides for easy maintenance and service of machine.

4.    Fiber cable of length 15 m will be supplied with the machine. Fiber cable must be handled carefully all the times and it must not be twisted/ bended smaller than 250mm radius to avoid irreversible damage to it. In case laser source is needed to place away from the machine for any reason then longer cable needs to be ordered at the time of PO with additional cost. Standard placement of laser source and chiller is near machine.



4.Safety Instructions:

1.    Machine should never be used by untrained person.

2.    Proper electrical safety like UPS with battery backup and grounding is needed for LASER power source and machine.

3.    Never operate the machine without properly closed guarding/enclosure to avoid contact with scattered laser beam.

4.    Always use safety goggles as per EN207 / ANSI Z136 standards.

5.    It is not advised to stare at LASER directly without safety goggles.

6.    In case of machine breakdown contact authorized service engineer for repair. Never try to repair or open the LASER and machine yourself.



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