Frog Jump Cutting Pipe Tube Laser Machine

Frog Jump Cutting Pipe Tube Laser Machine

1.Professional metal pipe tube cutting machine.
2.High cutting precision and speed.
3.All kinds of tube shapes.
4.Strong machine body never deformation.
5.Patent automatic loading system, only about 15s loading time.

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Product Details

Fiber laser pipe tube cutting machine

ACME Frog jump cutting pipe tube laser machine has a great function called “frog jump”motion trail by cutting head, it can greatly improve efficiency.

What is "Frog Jump" Cutting

Frog jump function: reduce cutting head lifting time, reduce user cutting cost, improve cutting efficiency.

The traditional laser cutting head move is shown as below photo. The cutting head must perform three actions: rising (to a sufficiently safe height), horizontal movement (above the point B), and falling.


Frog jump move also showing as below, when the cutting head moves from point A to point B, it rises and move at the same time; when it approaches point B, it drops at the same time. It's like an arc drawn by a frog jumping.

frog jump cutting.jpg

The advantage of Frog Jump Cutting

Improve cutting efficiency. frog jump action only takes time to move from point A to point B, saving the time for rising and falling. Save time and bring great efficiency.

Fiber laser pipe tube cutting machine

Frog Jump Cutting Video

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