Full Automatic Laser Cutter

Full Automatic Laser Cutter

Full Automatic loading tube laser cutting machine
3D Pipe Laser Cutting Equipment with Auto-feeding
Metal Sheet Laser Cutter with Automatic Feeding System
Steel Plate Laser Cutting Automation
Metal Tube Laser Cutter with Automatic Feeding System
Steel Pipe Laser Cutting Automation

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Full Automatic Laser Cutter

Fiber Laser cutting machine,equipped with full automatic sheet&tube loading and unloading system.

Full Automatic Feeding and Unloading tube laser cutting machine.

automatic loading laser cutting machine for tube&pipe2

   automatic loading laser cutting machine for sheet&plate

1. Step 1: the storage of raw materials in the 3D warehouse

The forklift forks the paper to the elevator, and then the elevator sends the paper to the designated floor.

2. Step 2: Automatic discharging of three-dimensional library

First, the elevator rises to the height where the raw materials need to be processed, and then the pull rod pulls the unloading truck.

3. Step 3: Laser feeding

After the suction cup tool in the 3D library sucks the printing plate from the buffer table, the elevator will drag the material rack. When the material rack is in a safe position, the suction cup tool will drop and place the sheet on the laser cutting machine.

4. Step 4: Finished product removal and palletizing

After the laser cutting is completed, the gear shaper tooling on the elevator inserts the sheet material from the laser cutting machine. After the sheet material is inserted, the elevator moves to the finished product layer. The gear gear tooling on the finished product layer inserts the plate from the gear shaper tool on the elevator. The material block falls on the finished layer.

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