Laser Automation Machines

Laser Automation Machines

Automatic loading tube laser cutting machine
3D Tube Laser Cutting Equipment with Auto-feeding Tube Laser Cutter with Automatic Feeding System
Laser Cutting Automation

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       Laser Automation Machines

       3D Tube Laser Cutting Equipment for Steel Tube &Metal Sheet

1.The truss is the foundation to support the movement of the loading and unloading manipulator, which is assembled by columns and beams. The truss column and beam are made of large-section, high-strength, thick-walled steel, and the overall rigidity of the truss is good.

2.The pipe sling adopts a flat sling, which has the following advantages:

2.1 The bearing surface is wide, which can reduce the pressure of surface load

2.2 When the outer surface of the flat sling is smooth and delicate, it will not harm the suspended object

2.3 The surface of the sling is hardened by PU , which has good wear resistance

2.4 Non-conductive, no risk of electric shock

2.5 The operating temperature range is -40 ℃ -100 °℃

2.6 The elastic elongation of the flat sling ≤ 7 %

3. Servo drive, faster and high precision 

4.15S Automatic cycle processing, there is no need for operator to wait for, greatly improve productivity 

5. Expanding functions for auto-unloading system, three-dimensional tube stock silo etc. 

6. Automatic alarm for insufficient tube stock.

   automatic loading laser cutting machine for sheet&plate

automatic loading laser cutting machine for tube&pipe2

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