Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

1.Professional metal pipe tube laser cutting machine. 2.High cutting precision and speed. 3.All kinds of tube shapes. 4.Strong machine body never deformation. 5.Patent automatic loading system, only about 15s loading time. 6.500W-4000W wide range power source. 7.Max 30mm cutting thickness.

Product Details


I. Introduction

The LT-6020 is a tube laser cutting machine with 2D cutting head for the machining of tubes and profiles with a diameter ranging between 15 and 220 mm and a maximum length of 10000mm.


The work piece is housed between the four self-centering sliding jaws of the mobile chuck .The possibility of avoiding equipment change also distinguishes the fixed chuck, consisting in a solid structure housing the four self-centering idle rolls. The LT-6020 loading system consists in a bundle loader, while the open profiles are loaded by a chain system; independent manipulators allow the loading of tubes from the bundle and tubes or profiles from chains.


Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

II. Benefits of cnc pipe Cutting machine

  1. No tooling expenses

  2. Minimal burrs or chips on cuts

  3. Coolant-free (no cutting fluid      residue left on parts)

  4. Accurate tolerances      (repeatability)

  5. Multiple operations can be      consolidated into one cycle

  6. Small to large production runs

  7. Conserve material by nesting      several parts into the length of one tube

  8. Ability to be run unattended


III.  tube cutting capabilities

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Round Tubes and Hollow   Section Cutting Capacity

Min: 16mm Ø

Max: 273mm Ø

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Square Tubes and Box Cutting   Capacity

Min: 16mm x 16mm

Max: 200mm x 200mm

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Rectangular Tubes Cutting   Capacity

Min: 20mm x 15mm

Max: 250mm x 150mm

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Oval/Elliptical Tubes Cutting   Capacity

Min: 32mm x 17mm

Max: 250mm x 125mm

IV. quality parts

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine


Laser Pipe Cutting MachineLaser Pipe Cutting MachineLaser Pipe Cutting Machine

Laser Pipe Cutting MachineLaser Pipe Cutting MachineLaser Pipe Cutting Machine



Laser Pipe Cutting Machine


Laser Pipe Cutting Machine