CNC Metal Sheet/plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Metal Sheet/plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

High cutting speed for thin metal sheet Gantry bilateral drive, human proximity & openness. Low running costs, optical path maintenance-free. Using high-strength cast aluminum beams, to achieve strength, rigidity, servo drive & cnc control system highly matched. Optical fiber transmission, flexible manufacturing, to achieve high-quality cutting of any shape. High Cutting speed, low operating costs, doubling return on your investment. Flexible operation, simple & convenient. Energy saving, low power consumption, 20% -30% of the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine.

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Product Details

CNC Metal sheet/plate Fiber Laser Cutting machine

Full cover fiber laser cutting machine

Main features


 Excellent beam quality: smaller focused spot make more efficient work and cutting quality.
 High cutting speed: its speed is twice of the same CO2 tube laser cutting machine
 High stability: the world's top fiber laser generator makes stable performance, and the key components of the machine owns the life of up to 100,000 hours
 High electro-optical conversion efficiency: fiber laser is three times higher than CO2 laser and saving energy
Low using cost: no laser working gas, it is by fiber optic transmission, without lens reflecting, can save a lot of maintenance costs
Smart operation and easy maintenance: optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path
 Strong flexible cable for laser transport, small size, compact structure, and easier for flexible machining.
 This model adopts imported servo system driver and imported transmission system, the moving structure of machine tool adopts imported gear and rack transmission, linear guide track for guiding, ensuring the high speed, high precision and high reliability of equipment.
 Rack and guide adopt fullly enclosed protective device, which prevents oil free friction movement and dust pollution, enhances using life of transmission parts and ensures the precision of machine tool movement.
 Professional laser cutting machine, cnc control system, computer operation, can ensure the cutting quality, and more convenient for cutting work.
 Automatic exchange table configuration, which shortens the standby time and effectively, enhances the working efficiency more than 30%.
 Fully enclosed protective cover, using safety.

Cutting Samples

Cutting Stample

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