CNC Turret Punching Machine Price

CNC Turret Punching Machine Price

CNC Turret Punching & Laser Cutting Combined Machine Price
CNC All-electric Servo Turret Punch Machine
CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for sale
CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sheet Metal

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(Turret punch & Fiber laser cutting Multifunction Mixed in one machine)

turret punching machine



1)Machine's Structure
The main body of our machine is Full Steel Welding Bed,  it adopts finite element analysis design, undergoes strict heat treatment to remove the tress and annealing, completely eliminate stress, and the surface was treated by shot blasting machine.The bed has good rigidity and low internal stress to prevent the longitudinal deformation of the frame, ensuring that the verticality of the upper and lower molds is not affected by the external force of the eccentric load; to ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool accuracy and maximize the life of the machine tool and mold.

2)Working Table
We fully consider that you may deal with large size board condition, so we increase the size of the direction of X axis. You needn't add extra assist working table. We can make sure our machine can work with high speed.
Hard wear-resistant brush + universal ball table,it is stable working,no noisy,and it can efficiently protect surface of the board, so that if you use our machine, the handling accuracy and the parts' surface quality can be increased. Such as Stainless board,  Aluminum board, Galvanized sheet etc, which has specific request to the surface. 

3)Guide Screw
We use the guide screw that is made by national famous brand, Bearings and guide rails have large contact surfaces, suitable for high-speed processing and have high durability.

4) Thick Turret with High Strength Ductile Iron
The raw material of this part is high strength Wear-Resistant Material Ductile Iron, which has automatic lubrication, low wearing functions.
Thick Turret is made with heat treatment to remove the stress. It is hard, accurate, stable, strong ability to resist unexpected impact, so that you can obviously extend the mould life by using this part. 
Thick turret with long guide mold,Which can make the mould aim at center, guide accuracy high, strong hardness, so that can improve the life of the mould. 

5)Lateral Positioning System
In order to ensure the accurate position of turret and upper, below mould with the same center, we use the side turntable positioning to replace the end position, so that it can efficiently avoid the end side change the shape because of the end position. 

turret punching machine2

6)  Clamp
Full Floating Structure design,no need rise the board, quick and convenient to feed material; particularly when you use it to punch the thick board, the jaw can work normally, so that can make the clamp good.
It can float in the vertical direction to minimize the deformation of the materials.

7)Automatic Re-position
In order to get the maximum handle area, we use simple control order that can automatically change the clamping position. So that can enlarge the extent, making you easily deal with big board.  
When the clamp moves, the repositioning cylinder presses the work pieces to ensure the accuracy of continuous processing.

8)Auto-Rotation System
It is made with specific Worm gear transmission mode, which is stable, accurate.
Indexing die adopts worm gear drive,it has large transmission ratio,good at self-locking,eliminate the side distance,high accuracy,easy adjust,no hurt mould.

9) Smooth
Our machine is installed automatic gathering smooth system, which can put the oil into the smooth point, so that can reduce the wear during the moving, and increase the using life.

 We import international famous brand Pneumatic Components, accurate linear moving components and electronic components to improve the stability of the bed, so than can make sure machine's performance and accuracy good. 

11)Security Protection
The machine tool is equipped with standard safety protection device,which has urgent stop function, when it occurs danger or mistake operation, just press a button can stop the machine.  
The foot switch is equipped with a safety cover to prevent accidentally stepping on the switch.

12)Assistance Function
a.We set up a window in this machine so that you can easily watch the dandle process.
b.We add T axis control press button box, it is easy to change mould and keep the rotate parts.
c.We Equipped with compressed air spray gun for easy maintenance.





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