Dual Exchange Table Metal Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Dual Exchange Table Metal Plate Laser Cutting Machine

1 Heavy duty machine body/structure.
2 Double exchange work table.
3 100mm table size bigger than designed.
4 Machine protection cover.
5 Big gap between the upper and lower table.
6 Metal chain exchange way.

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Product Details

ACME Dual Exchange Table Metal Plate Laser Cutting Machine used in high precision and fast speed cutting sheet metal materials. It has two exchange work table, can save the loading time and improve the efficiency of machine. Also has machine protection cover which can provide better security and meet the high stricter environmental protection requirements.

Fiber Laser Power: 500W-6000W

Cutting Material Thickness: 0.5mm-25mm (Carbon steel)

Suitable Materials: Metal (carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, alloy etc.)

Cutting Area Size: 1500*3000mm/ 2000*4000mm / 2000*6000mm etc. (Any size can be customized)

fiber laser cutting machine exchange table.jpg

Introduction & Cutting Video

Advanages of our machine

1. Heavy duty strong machine structure/body.

①Use 14-20mm whole steel plate overall welded, heating, annealing, sand blasting, painting, roughing, precision finishing, milling etc. A series finish machining.

The bed will be put in furnace to heat to 650 degree and keep temperature to 200 degree for a week and then be taken out for cooling naturally. The process takes about 15-20 days.

All machine screw holes and mounting groove to install guide rails & racks are milling out by big COLGAR milling center.

Machine body is higher accuracy, stable without any deformation.

machine body processing fiber laser sheet cutting machine

2. Table Size 100mm more bigger than designed

Our machine leaves 50mm space more for designed both X and Y Axis. Totally 100mm longer than designed. This can accommodate larger materials.

50mm more X Y Axis

3. Big height gap between the upper and lower table, metal chain exchange way

Our machine has 100mm distance between the upper table and lower table. When you loading thin sheet, the materials may tilt up, so it maybe run into the work table. We have 100mm distance, it can guarantee the safe operating of exchange table.

Use metal chain for exchange of double work table, strong and reliable.

100mm gap beween two exchange table

Cutting Sample

sheet metal laser cutting machine cutting sample.jpg


fiber laser cutting machine CERTIFICATE.jpg

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