Machine to Cut Metal Letters

Machine to Cut Metal Letters

1.Professional metal sheet laser cutting machine. 2.High cutting precision and speed. 3.CS,SS,MS,AL,CU all kinds of metal material. 4.Strong machine body never deformation. 5.500W-4000W wide range power source. 6.Max 30mm cutting thickness. 7.High energy conversion(more than 25%),low maintenance cost.

Product Details

I Introduce & Feature

The ACME fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal letters offers power ranges between 500W to 4KW. One of the most efficient machine technologies for rapid sheet metal cutting for 25mm or less. Includes a US manufactured IPG fiber power source.

●Fully enclosed or open working platform options from 2x4' to 5x10'

●Includes Switch Table

●Capable of cutting stainless or carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and most metal alloys

●24 hour production capability

●Exclusive OEM software with added functionality

●Improved 30% wall plug efficiency compared to 10% for CO2

●Laser beam is delivered via fiber optic cable. Automated lens height adjustment

●Removable material collection tray enables easy material retrieval without opening machine doors


II Technical parameters

Laser Power

500W - 4KW


3 phase

Electrical Demand


Software   Interface

Included w/   Windows PC

Machine   Dimensions

190"L x   144"W x 120"H

Motor type

AC Servo Motors   with AC Servo Driver

Z -axis

Laser head   up/down 8"

Material platform

Steel Tooth   cutting platform


Ⅲ Our advantage

machine to cut metal letters

→  Whole steel plate weld 16-25mm machine body.

→  Milled by COLGAR machine. Heat & Aging treatment.

→  Other suppliers normally use pipe weld machine frame.

machine to cut metal letters

→  Use Germany Original Power Automation PA8000 software.

→  Other suppliers normally use Higerman (not original) or Cypcut.

machine to cut metal letters

→  YASKAWA(Japan) Servo Motor, MOTOREDUCER(France) Gearbox

→ HIWIN(Taiwan) Guide Rail, YYC(Taiwan) Gear and Rack etc.

→  All the part is world famous brand.

 Cutting samples

machine to cut metal lettersmachine to cut metal letters

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machine to cut metal letters


machine to cut metal letters

machine to cut metal letters machine to cut metal letters