Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

1.Professional metal sheet laser cutting machine. 2.High cutting precision and speed. 3.CS,SS,MS,AL,CU all kinds of metal material. 4.Strong machine body never deformation. 5.500W-4000W wide range power source. 6.Max 30mm cutting thickness. 7.High energy conversion(more than 25%),low maintenance cost.

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Product Details

I Introduce & Feature

ACME 2000W Fiber Laser Sheet metal cutting machine– fast machines for all of your cutting tasks. Fibre optic laser is the newest type of laser cutting, it ensures complete accuracy combined with high speed cutting, but uses less power resources.

The laser is generated at the power source, is carried to the cutting head via fibre optic cable where gases are introduced and the cutting starts.

The advantages of fibre optic laser cutting are incredible accuracy, combined with cutting speeds unseen up until a couple of years ago, as well as making us very competitive. It also means that parts do not suffer from heat distortion, this is due in part to the speed the laser head is travelling, and also due to the gases we use to aid the cutting process.

The different shapes we can cut are only limited by what you can draw. We are able to work from Autocad drawings, Adobe PDFs, hand drawn sketches, templates, scanned drawings or photographs.

II Configuration & Technical parameters


Standard Specifications

Working Area


Laser power

2000W IPG laser generator



Cutting speed

0-15m/min(depending on material and thickness)

Positioning accuracy


Repositioning accuracy


Eauipment power


Water cooling System

Constant temperature water chiller

Power supply

3-phase 380V/50HZ

Location system

Red dot indicator

Machine Dimension


Running Environment

Temperature: 0℃~45℃

III Machine parts

16-25mm Whole steel plate welded machine Body made by   FINCM. More Stable and Realiable, can guarantee the cutting accuracy for a   long time use.

Other   suppliers normally use pipe weld machine body, not strong enough. Will reduce   accuracy.

A   Constant View of the Machining Process

With   the large window, the machining process is perfectly visible.

YASKAWA(Japan)   Servo Motor

MOTOREDUCER(France)   Gearbox

HIWIN(Taiwan)   Guide Rail

YYC(Taiwan)   Gear and Rack etc.

All   the part is world famous brand.

Germany   PA8000 Control System

The   original imported control system is very stable and reliable. With Acme   design of panel surface, it is easy to face any direction that is convenient   for the operator.

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