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Turret Punch Press

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1. It is applied to the processing of sheet metal with different shapes such as punching and drawing, and is suitable for the processing of batch or sample, so as to reduce mold input and production cost;Mainly used in all kinds of large high and low switch cabinets, control panel, air conditioning panel, cabinet, cabinet, shell, metal furniture, kitchenware, advertising industry.


2. Standard thick brick tower, using international 85 series mold, long guide, strong versatility, high stability, sales measurement.


3. Type O closed bed, good rigidity, small deformation, stable feeding support.


4. Special system for numerical control, WINDOWS interface, English and Chinese system, easy to learn, easy to operate.


5.With 1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w Fiber Laser Source ,use for cutting edge and other Irregular pattern, higher efficiency.

6. CNC punching special system, WINDOWS operation interface, pure Chinese tips, easy to learn and operate

7.Bed rail design span, horizontal, good support, to ensure processing accuracy, high-speed feeding stable

8.The software adds automatic search for the position of the clamp without manual intervention, and the accuracy is high.

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•     China's top monopoly technology, mix fiber laser cutting machine and turret punching machine advantages.

•     Low energy consumption, high efficiency, stable machine performance

•     High accuracy processing no less than GERMAN TRU***/ JAPAN AMA**

•     Greatly improve the cutting efficiency, make up for the shortcoming of laser cutting in high reflection material processing,multiply the life of laser source, greatly reduce the laser cutting consumables.

•     Very strong machine bed processed in large processing center, after heat treatment, finishing,etc. 20 years without deformation.

•     Any sheet metal processing can be easily processed, greatly simplify the process, a variety of complex sheet metal process just need 1 machine.

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