China Top Selling Continuous Swing Head Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

China Top Selling Continuous Swing Head Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

China Top Selling Continuous Swing Head Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine for Meatl Steel Chair Legs Metal Furniture 500W 750W 1000W 15000W 2000W

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Product Details

High Quality CNC Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine




    Machine features
  1. The hand-held welding head is flexible and convenient for outdoor welding.

  2. The operating mode of the hand torch allows the work-pieces to be welded at any angle from any location.

  3. Intelligent switching of dual light paths, evenly distributing energy according to different time and different light.

  4. Suitable for spot welding of various complex welded joints and various equipment.

    Details of Machine


 Advantages of our machines
  1. It is easy to operate and can be welded by hand. No need to cost much money to hire a welding master .

  2. Suitable for small-scale production Hand-held laser welding machines have lower production compliance rates than fully automated equipment deployments. However, for the production workshops engaged in small-scale processing or non-large-scale welding, manual laser welding is the best choice. There is no need to set up equipment to deploy the welding station, which takes up little space. The important point is that the welding products of small workshops are diversified and the shape of the products is flexible. Manual laser welding can fully meet the needs of this production, and the compliance is better.

  3. Low maintenance cost. Hand-held laser welding, no need good soldering station, low material cost, low energy consumption, low equipment deployment and maintenance costs. In the same working environment, we need to spend a lot of time to maintain the soldering station, but as long as there is a hand-held laser welding machine in the manual laser setting equipment deployment, we can use to weld. As for replacement, the cost of replacing parts is low too.


Part nameSpecificationUnitQuantityRemark 
CabinetHand-held fiber laser welding cabinetSet1
Laser sourceIPG/RAYCUS/MAX  500W-2000WSet1
Welder head120°Ergonomic hand solder jointSet1
Water cooling machine1.5P Dual coolingSet1
Laser control systemTouch screenSet1
Hand-held safety controllerPrevent accidental lightSet1


Technical Parameter
Central wavelength1080nm
Laser power1500W
Output laser stability≤3%
Laser source lifetime≤100 Thousand hours
Laser frequency50Hz-5KHz
Beam quality1.1
Optimal operating environmentTemperature:0-40ºC, Humidity: 20%-80%
Electricity demandAC380 50-60Hz,20A
Cooling modeWater cooling
Continuous operation time24 Hours
Output fiber length12M (Can be customized)
Appearance sizeAbout 60cm*104cm*120cm
Net Weight230kg
Laser safety levelClass IV
System protection registrationIP
Adjustable power range10-100%


Application Materials
Suitable for welding all kind of advertising letter ,lightings and mould industrial ,optoelectronic communication devices ,medical ,electronics ,copper parts ,metal welding processing industries .
Applicable Industries
Electronic Components:                Resistors, Capacitors, Chips, Printed Circuit Boards, Computer Keyboard, etc.
Mechanical Parts:                         Bearings, Gears, Standard Parts, Motor, etc.
Instrument:                                    Panel Board, Nameplates, Precision equipment, etc.
Hardware Tools:                           Knives, Tools, Measuring Tools, Cutting Tools, etc.
Automobile Parts:                          Pistons and Rings, Gears, Shafts, Bearings, Clutch, Lights, etc.
Daily Necessities:                          Handicrafts, Zipper, Key Holder, Sanitary Ware, etc.



Ordinary welding head  VS  Swing welded joint head

l Swing head can obtain a wider weld than the ordinary head, which can reduce the requirement of the hand welding for the worker.

l Swing head adopts a high-speed rotation mechanism to achieve material agitation, achieve the effect of stirring welding, and can be compatible with a larger gap than a common head.

l As for Welded aluminum alloy etc.,Swing heads have an unparalleled advantage over ordinary heads.Common head is compatible with a gap having a gap smaller than the thickness of the material to be welded by 1/5. But Swing head can be compatible with a gap having a gap smaller than 1/3 of the thickness of the material to be welded.


Basic welding thickness 

Laser power500W800W1000W1500W
Mild-steel /Carbon steel≤1.0mm≤1.2mm≤3.0mm≤4.0mm
Stainless steel≤1.0mm≤1.5mm≤2.5mm≤4.0mm
Aluminum /≤1.0mm≤1.5mm≤2.5mm
Brass /≤1.0mm≤1.5mm≤2.5mm
Galvanized sheet /≤1.2mm≤1.8mm≤3.0mm

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