Advantages of laser cutting machine in elevator manufacturing

- Jul 22, 2020-

Advantages of laser cutting machine in elevator manufacturing

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1. Short processing cycle. There are many varieties and few quantities of sheet metal parts in the elevator industry, many of which need to be determined according to customer requirements. Due to the limitation of tonnage and molds, the processing of multi-station punch presses can not process some sheet metal parts or the production cycle of molds is long, which leads to a longer production cycle. The advantages of flexible processing of fiber laser cutting machines have therefore been brought into play, reducing costs.

2. Good cutting effect. There are many stainless steel decorative plates, and the surface finish is required to be high. The processed lines should be smooth and flat, beautiful and beautiful. Laser processing avoids deformation during the cutting process, improves elevator quality, raises product grades, and enhances the company's core competitiveness.

3. High processing flexibility. Increased product fancy, increased variety of shapes, complex contours, common processing methods can not be achieved. Laser cutting is highly automated and intelligent, and can deal with various shaped workpieces, effectively reducing the labor intensity of operators, speeding up the cutting speed, and improving production efficiency.

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