Common problems with laser cutting machines

- Aug 19, 2020-

Common problems with laser cutting machines

In the use of laser cutting machine, due to continuous use of a long time, the working environment dust, improper operation of operators, often appear a variety of problems, so this problem should be dealt with, let's take a look at the following.

1. Unable to connect the device: Whether the computer has installed the driver, whether the USB cable or network cable is plugged in, check whether the USB cable or network cable is damaged, and whether the adapter is rusted;

2. No display on the panel after starting: Check whether the power supply is normal and the power switch is damaged, and then check whether the display panel is broken or whether the wire socket is aging;

3. Graphics variation and cutting overlap during cutting: check whether the guide rail is loose, the motor is broken, the voltage is stable, and the system Settings of the machine are changed;


4. If the device cannot be started or the switch is turned on, the device will trip: check whether the emergency stop switch is pressed, whether the external access power is switched on, whether the outside world hears the abnormal sound of snap, the circuit will trip due to breakage.

5, the high-voltage line is on fire: pay attention to this problem, the line may be in long-term use, it is recommended to cover the outside of the high-voltage line with high-voltage insulation sleeve, in this case to power off operation.

6. The size of the cut figure is too large or too small: check whether the platform is flat and whether the material has been paved, so the suction should be turned on in the cutting process to tighten the material to a straight level;

7. No light during cutting: First of all, check whether the light switch is broken, whether the chiller is on and whether the backwater is normal. Since many of them have protective devices now, no light will come out without cooling water;

8. The guide rail does not turn or cannot move when cutting: check whether there is any problem with the motor and the driver, and observe whether the bearing is rusted or there is any foreign matter stuck.

Laser cutting machine in daily use may also appear a variety of other problems, the future will continue to carry out this aspect of the update for everyone.

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