Cutting system

- Nov 28, 2017-

First, replace the five-axis machine with an industrial robot. Both can describe the spatial trajectory to achieve three-dimensional cutting, industrial robots repeat positioning accuracy slightly lower than the five-axis machine, about ± 100uM, but it can fully meet the automotive sheet metal cover and chassis parts industry precision requirements . The use of industrial robots greatly reduces the cost of the system cost, reducing power system costs and system operation and maintenance costs, reducing the system's footprint.

Second, replace the CO2 laser with a fiber laser. Fiber laser technology is the rapid development of laser technology in recent years, compared with the traditional laser, with better cutting quality, lower system cost, longer service life and lower maintenance costs, lower power consumption. The key is that the laser of the fiber laser can be transmitted through the optical fiber to facilitate the connection with the industrial robot so as to realize the flexible processing.

Thirdly, the only drawback of this system is that it can only process metal workpieces and can not process non-metal workpieces. This is because the system uses a fiber laser, the wavelength of 1064NM, relative to the wavelength of 10640NM CO2 laser, not easily absorbed by non-metallic parts.

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