Foreign laser cutting technology applications

- Nov 28, 2017-

Abroad in addition to the above applications, but also continue to expand its application areas.

(1) The use of 3D laser cutting system or the deployment of industrial robots, cutting the space curve, the development of a variety of 3D cutting software to speed up the process from drawing to cutting parts.

(2) In order to improve production efficiency, research and development all kinds of special cutting system, material conveying system, linear motor drive system, the current cutting system cutting speed has exceeded 100m / min.

(3) In order to expand the application of construction machinery and shipbuilding industry, the thickness of low carbon steel is more than 30mm. Special attention should be paid to the research on the technology of cutting low carbon steel with nitrogen gas to improve the quality of the cut of heavy plate. Therefore, in our country to expand the CO2 laser cutting industrial applications, to solve some of the new application of technical problems is still an important issue of engineering and technical personnel.

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