How to choose laser cutting machine: see the equipment, see the factory, see the workers

- Jul 31, 2020-

How to choose laser cutting machine: see the equipment, see the factory, see the workers

According to incomplete statistics, at present the country has about 2000 laser cutting machine manufacturers, and emerge a batch of new factory, every year will dissipate one batch, the Internet a lot to do the rankings of laser cutting machine manufacturers, and divided into a first, second and third class, but you will find a common ground to peruse, the author of the published articles must be inside of the top manufacturers, has obvious bias, so we don't talk about the brand, here only talk about laser cutting machine.


First of all, laser cutting machine is used for cutting, the cutting ability is how to see the laser, the laser to do better is imported interpublic, SPI, more domestic use is gen xin, sharp, but on a personal view: the laser cutting ability of the basic about the same, why say so, because of the laser, is not only the integration of laser cutting machine, terminal customers are compared, which cut fast, cut thick, will compare, this also causes the laser manufacturer to get up the difficulty in the study, all want to cut faster and thicker than others!So the same power laser cutting machine of the initial cutting ability are the same, the only difference is the life and failure rate, this is not to say that on the spot can see, in the later need to continue to practice to fumble, this is your will, return true not necessarily, also have domestic laser was fine in a few years, there are also imported died just used a month, of course, in general, is indeed better than domestic imports, but the price is not a good one half;Moreover in recent years the domestic laser also slowly catch up with.

Take a look at the equipment next, many people will tangle whether the material of the beam is aluminum or iron, there is no strict distinction between aluminum and iron, because the original design concept is different. Aluminium is light and runs fast; The hardness of iron is high and the operation is stable, which can only be said that the end customer is more in that aspect.

There is also the assembly process, more ideal companies and mature large companies, have their own special technical department to develop a set of assembly process, a single perpendicularity or screw calibration in the assembly process have strict provisions; And many small factories that produce a few or a dozen machines a year are already smug about putting them together and won't demand more; But this will lead to some bizarre things, such as round or not round, the manufacturer did not debug well, because there is a problem when you assemble, debugging only to solve some subtle errors, you have assembly errors, certainly not out of tune.

Finally, we can observe the sense of responsibility of the workers from the side. How can the sense of responsibility of the workers be reflected? The simplest way is to look at the salary! Who work part-time job seeking nothing about this, not really pay, who will tread the steadfast work, but the salary that you can't see, come up to ask a stranger the somebody else's salary, big probability will be reward a supercilious look, but this time you can see the overall environment of the factory and the worker's mental outlook, pay attention to the cultivation of corporate culture of the company by himself to the overall environment of the factory and workers eating more improving inputs, employees to eat well, work environment better treatment company also can't bad, they also side reflect the strength of the company; And the work has the report worker, the work will be more responsible, the product quality will be relatively better.

The last point to say is: the choice of laser cutting machine must be clear about their own needs, is more lay particular stress on which side, so that you can have the focus of the choice, everything is superior, the price is cheap most is pit, careful into!

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