How to do the air pressure instability of laser cutting machine, affect the cutting effect?

- Aug 14, 2020-

How to do the air pressure instability of laser cutting machine, affect the cutting effect?

We want to subdivide: air compressor input air quantity is insufficient, laser cutting machine air regulating valve pressure regulating valve is too low, solenoid valve with oil, gas road is not smooth;If the pressure is too high it may be because the air filter pressure reducing valve has failed.

Therefore, we adopted the following methods for analysis and solution:


1. If the input air pressure has reached the requirement, check whether the adjustment of air filter pressure reducing valve is correct;Gauge pressure display can meet the cutting requirements.

2. Pay attention to the air compressor output pressure display before use. If it does not meet the requirements, the pressure can be adjusted or the air compressor can be overhauling.

3. If the input air quality is poor, it will cause oil pollution in the relief valve, the valve core is difficult to open, the valve mouth cannot be fully opened.


4. Cutting torch nozzle pressure is too low, but also need to replace the pressure relief valve;Air path section is smaller will also cause low pressure, can be replaced according to the instructions.

5. If there is no problem with the external air path above, the internal factors of the laser cutting machine should be considered. First, check whether the air pipe is damaged, the air pipe is knotted, the joint is leaking, etc. If there is, the pipe should be replaced.

6. Secondly, check whether the solenoid valve, one-way valve and proportional valve in the laser cutting machine are damaged, and confirm whether the damage can be solved by timely replacement.

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