How to judge the cutting quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine?

- Aug 25, 2020-

How to judge the cutting quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine?

When the laser cutting machine cuts the plate with a thickness of more than 2mm, the incision is not evenly distributed and the thickness direction is very different. Its main changes have two characteristics:

  1. The appearance of the cutting surface is layered, the upper surface is smooth and smooth, and the stripes produced by cutting are fine, neat and of small roughness;The surface of the lower cut is uneven, with large roughness and disordered fringe.The upper and lower parts have the characteristics of laser beam directly left and right and the characteristics of molten metal erosion.


Whether it is continuous laser cutting or pulsed laser cutting, the surface of the cutting piece will be divided into upper and lower layers. The difference is that the cutting fringe of the upper part of pulsed laser cutting is directly related to the pulse frequency. The higher the frequency is, the finer the fringe is and the smaller the surface roughness is.

 2.  For the cutting surface of cutting parts, the roughness of upper surface is generally uniform and will not change with the change of height, while the roughness of lower surface will change with the change of height. The closer to the lower edge, the greater the roughness of the surface.

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