Laser cutting machine boot no light how to do?

- Aug 19, 2020-

Laser cutting machine boot no light how to do?

1, on the cause of light

Check the water circulation of the laser cutter to see if the nozzle is out of water.If the water from the outlet pipe is normal, then ask the customer how long it has taken from the startup to now. If the customer says it took a morning or more than two hours, then it is necessary to check whether there is water in the outermost layer of the laser tube. If there is water, it is because the water temperature is too high and the laser tube is broken.

If there is no water in the outer layer of the laser tube, check the laser power supply at this time. There is a red button on the laser power supply, and press it to see if there is light. If there is light, it means that the water protection device may be faulty.At this time to pay attention to the water protection of the inlet and outlet, absolutely can not be reversed, otherwise it will damage the laser tube.

The second method is to take the PG from the laser power first (connect it with a wire), but check the water circulation at this time, the water protection does not work, to avoid the laser tube will still be damaged.If the light is still not out, it means that the laser power supply is broken, find the manufacturer to replace it.


2. The reason why the light using the laser tube is getting weaker and weaker

First of all, water cooler circulation, if the circulation is not normal, it should be shut down after power off check whether the water pump or chiller plug is plugged.

Secondly, check whether the ammeter of laser cutting machine is normal, if normal may be the problem of laser tube, find the manufacturer to replace or repair, 、

if ammeter is not normal is the problem of laser power, find the manufacturer to replace or repair.


3. Everything is normal from the beginning, but there will be no light after the next day

First, check the water cycle of the laser cutting machine, whether the normal water.

Secondly, check the laser cutting machine ammeter, press the "light" to see whether the ammeter pointer can play up, if it is below 5 ma, that is the power supply is broken, find the manufacturer to replace or repair.

Finally, if the current meter, check out our laser switch is open, if open, check whether the laser power light is bright, bright, press the off button on the laser power supply, hand look at current, such as Pointers and less than 5 ma, laser power supply is broken, or the light will be the minimum and maximum light intensity in the software emphasized to 50%, according to whether the ammeter pointer to 10-12 ma, if not reach is the laser power supply or the mainboard.

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