Laser cutting machine foreground

- Nov 28, 2017-

Laser cutting machine processing as a new processing method, with its processing accuracy, quickness, simple operation, high degree of automation advantages, in the leather, textile and garment industry gradually been widely used. It is also very common in metalworking today. Laser cutting machine compared with the traditional cutting method is not only low price, low consumption, and because the laser processing of the workpiece without mechanical pressure, so cut out the product effect, accuracy and cutting speed are very good, and also has the safe operation, easy maintenance Features. Laser equipment has been in the international decades of research, but in China is only in a new stage, especially the metal laser cutting machine, although diversified, it is still an initial stage of development. It is just the development of the new phase that there will be more space for development. According to the market development in recent years, we can draw the perfect speed growth ratio. Although the development of the laser industry in our country is a preliminary development, it has already achieved a leap forward under the leadership of international science and technology and has a high-level highlight over the same quality. In terms of laser cutting machine, has been developed from the low-end yag cutting technology to the current fiber cutting, and the needs of the market up to tens of millions, to add a new vitality to the vast market. Since the birth and application of the first laser equipment in the 1960s, many experts in our country have made great efforts in the laser industry and reached a slight difference in the world. In the development of the laser industry at the same time, the laser sets of industrial equipment has also entered the production market, get rid of the long-term dependence on foreign situation, to solve the embarrassing situation of the domestic laser industry. The rapid development of the domestic economy has become a high-industry pillar of the laser market and can achieve an annual growth rate of over 20%. As a new starting point for the global laser market, experts predict that the domestic laser market is still in a phase of rapid growth and will be doubled in the future to expand the market of laser cutting equipment to fill the gaps in the domestic market. Domestic high-end laser equipment to get out of the trapped state, becoming the international pillar. At present, the domestic laser industry is mainly concentrated in Shenzhen and Wuhan, of which Shenzhen is an important domestic sales market and has taken the lead in other regions with many years of development experience. At present, the rapid progress of the laser industry, although it has been promoted and applied, but the size of the throw to retain some space, especially precision metal laser cutting and automotive precision welding and other industries.

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