Lens cleaning skills of laser cutting machine

- Jul 31, 2020-

Lens cleaning skills of laser cutting machine

A relatively low-risk method should be used during lens cleaning with a laser cutter.

Here are some steps in my cleaning process.


1. Blow the floating objects on the surface of the original lens with a balloon, especially those with small particles and flocculants on the surface.

But do not use compressed air on the production line, as the air may contain oil mist and small water droplets, which can aggravate the contamination of the lenses.

2. The laser cutting lens was slightly cleaned with pure acetone analysis. Acetone at this level is virtually waterless, reducing the likelihood of lens contamination. A cotton ball soaked in acetone must clean the lens under light and move in a circular motion. Once the swabs are dirty, they must be replaced. The cleaning should be done immediately at one time to avoid any ripple.If the laser-cut lens has two coated surfaces, such as the lens, each surface should be cleaned in this way.The first side should be placed on a clean sheet of lenticular paper for protection.


3. If acetone doesn't remove all dirt, then rinse with vinegar. Vinegar cleanser USES a dirt solution to remove dirt without causing damage to the lens. These vinegars can be experimental (diluted to 50% strength) or domestic white vinegars containing 6% acetic acid. The cleaning process is the same as that of acetone cleaning. Remove the vinegar with acetone, dry the lens, and replace it frequently with cotton ball to completely absorb the acid and hydrate. Until it's cleaned up.

4. When contaminants and lens damage cannot be removed by cleaning, especially when the film caused by metal splash and dirt burn, only by replacing the laser cutter lens can good performance be restored.

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