Light source development

- Nov 28, 2017-

As we all know, laser cutting machine is the core of the most important parts, with the rapid development of sheet metal cutting industry: the reason why fiber laser can be used as a metal cutting machine light source and quickly capture the market in a short period of time can be summed up, mainly in the following point:

First, the short wavelength of fiber laser 1070nm, CO2 laser wavelength is 1/10, which is conducive to being absorbed by the metal to make it in cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, and pure aluminum, brass and other high reflective material than the traditional CO2 Laser cutting machine with faster cutting speed.

Second, the high beam quality enables smaller spot diameters, providing fast machining speeds even at longer working distances and deeper depth of focus, greatly reducing workpiece tolerances. To configure a 2KW fiber laser cutting machine, for example, the cutting speed of 0.5mm carbon steel up to 40m / min. Third, the fiber laser is the lowest cost integrated laser, you can save a lot of costs. As fiber-optic laser electro-optic conversion efficiency up to 30 从, thus reducing the cost of electricity and cooling utility costs. Take 2KW fiber laser and CO2 laser to cut 2mm thick stainless steel with the same power as the 2KW fiber laser. The hourly fiber laser saves 33.94 yuan compared with the CO2 laser. Calculated on the basis of 7,200 hours per year, a single 2KW fiber laser Compared with the same power CO2 laser saving up to 250,000 yuan per year; the same time, the fiber laser cutting speed of CO2 twice, coupled with the latter part of the maintenance and land-saving costs, making the fiber laser cutting machine has become the preferred manufacturers of sheet metal processing system.

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