Requirements for ventilation device in the work of metal laser cutting machine

- Jul 28, 2020-

Requirements for ventilation device in the work of metal laser cutting machine


The principle of metal laser cutting machine processing metal sheet is based on the high-energy laser irradiating the surface of the sheet metal, and the high temperature makes it melt quickly to achieve the purpose of cutting. During the processing of the metal laser cutting machine, the high temperature burning metal will produce a small amount of exhaust gas. To ensure the personal safety of the operator, there will be certain requirements for the ventilation device. ACME laser suggests two ventilation methods for everyone.

1. Exhaust air treatment. Customers can choose whether to configure exhaust equipment when purchasing a metal laser cutting machine. General exhaust equipment is composed of four parts: air collecting hood, air duct, purification system and fan, which are mainly used The air flow controls the local exhaust gas, so that the local work site is not polluted by harmful substances and maintains a good air environment.

2. Comprehensive ventilation. This is a relatively simple and convenient operation method. It uses the accelerated air flow inside the work area to dilute the harmful gases in the air. Generally, an axial fan is installed on the top of the work room to discharge the internal exhaust gas. This method is the most common method.

It is very important to choose the ventilation method of the metal laser cutting machine reasonably. If there are too many equipment placed, it is recommended that the exhaust treatment device is the best.

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