What are the hazards of damp and condensation on laser cutting equipment?

- Jul 28, 2020-

What are the hazards of damp and condensation on laser cutting equipment?

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1. Condensation inside the laser

The temperature setting of the cooling water cannot simply meet the 20-25°C range required by the laser. More importantly, it must be considered comprehensively based on the temperature + humidity of the actual working environment, especially in high temperature and high humidity environments. Improper temperature setting will directly cause condensation inside the laser, which may cause laser failure or damage to optical components.

2. Condensation on the optical output head

The optical output head also has the risk of condensation, which is greater than the risk of condensation inside the laser. Because the optical output head is generally directly exposed to the working environment, the laser body can be placed in other environments (such as a closed cabinet or a separate room, etc.).

3. Other risks of condensation:

a. Condensation of the lens inside the cutting head-improper water temperature setting can cause condensation of the lens, affect the laser projection, and even burn the lens.

b. Condensation of electrical parts-if the condensation of water mist may cause the computer to black screen, the industrial computer cannot start, and the circuit short circuit switch trips

c. Condensation of equipment parts-water mist on the unpainted and oil-free protected parts of the machine tool will cause rust if not treated in time.

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