UV Based Laser Marking System

UV Based Laser Marking System

1.Professional laser marking machine. 2.High precision and speed. 3.Wide range power source and various metal and non-metal application materials. 4.World famous brand components. 5.Different configuration can be customized.

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Product Details

I. Advantage of Acme UV Based Laser Marking Machine

1. Stable and durable beam

2. Precise, smooth and clear marking

3. Suitable for the marking on most materials.

4. Small heat-affected region, no thermal effects, no burning issue

II. details

Control Switch: Including emergency stop, key switch, power switch, etc., convenient to identify and easy to operate.

Lifting System: Shake hand wheel, laser focus distance can be adjusted easily. Operation is simple and convenient.

Rotary Device: Using step motor to realize numerical control, the speed can be controlled by the computer liberalization.

III. Specifications





Packaging Details

1.UV laser marking machine

2.Outside--wood craft case.

3.Middle-- foam

4.Inside--thickening plastic bag for waterproof


  1. 24 hour Technical support by phone,e-mail or Skype around the clock.

  2. Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.

  3. 7-15 working days lead time.

  4. Overseas engineers available.


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