Advantages Of Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Over Traditional Techniques

- Nov 10, 2018-

In addition to sheet metal, the output and consumption of stainless steel pipes in China are also growing rapidly. Naturally, the demand for pipe materials processing is also getting higher and higher, and the processing technology for pipe materials has developed rapidly, especially the advent of pipe laser cutting machines. It also brought unprecedented quality leap to pipe processing. As a kind of special laser cutting machine, the laser cutting machine mainly performs laser cutting for metal pipes.
Advantages of Pipe Laser Cutting Machine over Traditional Techniques
As we all know, any new processing process can be recognized by the general public, and get rapid development, must have the characteristics of the traditional technology is not what, so what kind of advantage does the pipe laser cutting machine have? There are mainly the following two points:
One is flexibility.
How can a pipe laser cutter be regarded as flexible? Almost as much as it wants to cut, it can cut any shape that has been programmed on the stainless steel pipe, and the laser can do a perfect cut in any direction. The shape to be processed can be flexibly and quickly changed through computer programming. The high flexibility of the laser tube cutter provides strong and favorable technical support for more and more individual machining, thus reducing the number of dies used.
Second, accuracy.
Compared with traditional processing equipment such as Yuhuoyan cutting, plasma cutting, and water cutting, the precision of laser cutting sheet metal is much higher. At the same time, according to the above, different materials may undergo tiny retractable deformation during processing. Pipe laser cutters can be adjusted flexibly according to these deformation, which is not achieved by many traditional techniques.

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