Are Laser Cutters Bad For The Environment

- Dec 05, 2020-

Are laser cutters bad for the environment


With the rapid rise of sheet metal processing industry, the metal cutting market has become extremely hot, which virtually drives the development of China's fiber laser cutting machine industry. The conventional sheet metal processing technology is: shear blanking bending welding process or flame plasma cutting bending welding process. In front of the orders of various varieties, small batch, customization, high quality and short delivery time, it has obvious shortcomings: the shearing machine can only be used in the sheet metal processing which only needs linear cutting due to its main straight cutting; (CNC / brick tower) punch has restrictions on steel plate cutting with thickness more than 1.5mm, and the surface quality is not good, the cost is high, the noise is big, which is not conducive to environmental protection; flame As the original traditional cutting method, cutting has large thermal deformation, wide slit, waste material, slow processing speed, only suitable for rough processing; high pressure water cutting processing speed is slow, causing serious pollution and high consumption cost.

In the competitive environment of the whole market, a new processing method is urgently needed to replace it. Laser processing technology emerges as the times require in the sheet metal workshop. Committed to the development of advanced laser equipment, CNC laser cutting machine with high precision, high speed, flexible processing and other advantages, has become the direction of the development of sheet metal processing technology, has the trend of replacing CNC punching and shearing equipment.

Advantages of laser cutting technology:

Laser cutting has the advantages of high flexibility, high cutting speed, high production efficiency and short production cycle. Whether it is simple or complex parts, one-time rapid prototyping cutting can be realized by laser;

The cutting seam is narrow, the cutting quality is good, the automation degree is high, the operation is simple, the labor intensity is low, and there is no pollution;

It can realize automatic cutting layout and nesting, improve material utilization rate, no tool wear and good material adaptability;

The production cost is low and the economic benefit is good.

High efficiency, precision and intelligence are the development direction of the advertising industry. The characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine just conform to this trend. With its excellent cost performance, it provides a strong guarantee for advertising enterprises to improve their own profitability. As a leading enterprise in China's laser industry, Dineng has its own unique advantages and rich experience in the application of laser products in the advertising industry, which provides a new possibility to solve the homogenization dilemma of the advertising industry

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