Can The Automatic Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Cut H Steel?

- Dec 10, 2020-

Can the automatic laser pipe cutting machine cut H steel?

As a multi-functional pipe cutting device, the automatic laser pipe cutting machine can not only cut H steel, but also process square pipes, rectangular pipes, round pipes, elliptical pipes, special-shaped pipes, T-shaped steels, channel steel angles and other profiles. Materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy and other metal pipes. Diversified processing technology allows customers to have more choices, so as to provide users with more personalized services.

ACME laser multi-function tube laser cutting machine can process tubes of different tube diameters freely, without changing fixtures, and can also perform drilling, grooving, engraving and other processes on metal profiles in one go, completing all processing on metal profiles Steps, in addition, the high-precision processing of the fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine can achieve one-time cutting and forming without subsequent deburring treatment. It can be used in the next step immediately after processing, saving labor and easily improving your production efficiency and productivity!

Here I recommend a ACME laser precision cutting machine for H steel-LT-12035 Fiber Laser Cutting Tube Machine, which is super long and heavy equipment developed by ACME Laser.


Fast speed, high precision. The machine is capable of pipe opening, cutting, intersecting lines cutting and conventional processing, which are difficult to achieve with regular cutting technology. After professional tube programming on the material nesting software what you see is what you get.

New Product development does not need making new mold, greatly shortening development time and reducing development costs.

One-time cutting to avoid cutting and grinding of traditional processing with multiple processes, which saves costs and improves efficiency.

This machine has a fully automatic automatic loading and unloading device, which is mainly used for cutting of metal pipes, beams and profiles, especially suitable for heavy duty and large diameter pipes, the length of the whole machine can be tailor made according to customers detailed need. 

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