Delivery Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine LP-4020D Double Exchange Work Table

- Aug 25, 2018-

We glad to share our macine delivery for LP-4020D. 

Used for cutting metal sheet. Laser Power 1500W. RAYCUS laser source.

Can Max.cut Carbon steel 12mm, Stainless steel 6mm, Aluminium 4mm, Copper 3mm

Cutting area 2000*4000mm, double exchange work table. Heavy duty machine body, no protect cover.

metal sheet laser cutting machinefiber laser metal sheet cutting machine

This client provide metal sheet cutting service for his customers. He need to cut different plate thickness, different plate material and different cutting patterns & designs as customer asked. The machine will keep working 24x7 hours.

Why did the customer choose us? 

One is our heavy duty machine body which can load max.6000W laser source and ensure stable

performance for a long time. At least 20 years no deformation.

Another import reason is our after sales service. Our engineers can do oversea services, remote diagnosis and fix system, free whole life technical support.

We are here working hard to provide best laser machines to the world.


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