Delivery To Australia ACME LT-6020 Tube Laser Cutting Machine

- Aug 14, 2018-

Delievry to Australia-ACME LT-6020 Tube Laser Cutting Machine

13th, August,2018. Our vessel has departure to Australia from Qingdao Port. This is our first machine to Australia market, thanks for the trust from our customer. The customer has come to our factory for five days visit and take tranining by our engineers. He got a good known about our machine's ability.

How strong the machine structure/body is. How high cutting precision the machine can achieve. How fast feeding speed by our patent feeding system design. How stable for a long time work. Finally the customer decide cooperate with us. Don't worrk dear, we are worthy of your trust. Our machine and after-sale service will prove everything.

Packing Photo:

tube laser cutting machinepipe laser cutting machine
pipe fiber laser cutting machinetube fiber laser cutting machine

Metal Pipe/Tube laser cutting, we are experienced and have strong technical strength, our machine won't let you down. Any interest, feel free contact us.  

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