Does Laser Cutting Hardened Steel

- Nov 27, 2020-

Does Laser Cutting Hardened Steel 

Many customers choose a cutting machine will have such a question: laser cutting machine will cut hard metal?

As a professional manufacturer we can be very responsible to tell you of course!What is the specific situation to see the following content will know!

For example, very thick carbon steel


Laser cutting machine can be used in the processing of carbon steel materials. In the traditional processing of carbon steel, due to the lack of equipment, the processed carbon steel appears scar, crack, lamination, white spot, impurities, loose and other conditions.

Therefore, the metal laser cutting machine is the ideal choice in carbon steel processing.

Because carbon steel contains carbon, light reflection is not strong, absorption beam is very good, carbon steel is more suitable for laser cutting machine for cutting, the processing effect is also very good, cutting surface level, smooth, beautiful, easy to use, safety, and save cost.

Laser cutting carbon steel, laser emitting laser, upon the surface of carbon steel, high temperature instant, under the influence of auxiliary gas, fast and carbon steel containing silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements, its oxidation melting and vaporization, can penetrate the carbon steel, and then through numerical control laser displacement, achieve the goal of cutting.

And laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel thickness of the thickest can be cut 50mm thick carbon steel, in addition to cutting stainless steel, copper, aluminum, aluminum and other materials!

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