Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Application

- Jul 27, 2019-

1. Automobile industry.Many corners in the automobile industry, such as car doors and exhaust pipes, need to be processed after forming some redundant edges or burrs. If manual labor is adopted, the accuracy is difficult to achieve at first, and the efficiency is much higher.Using robot laser cutting machine can process batch quickly.

2. Advertising industry.Due to the customization of the advertising industry, the traditional way of efficiency is very low, using laser cutting machine, no matter how thick plate, no matter how much shape, laser cutting machine will let you satisfied.

3. Kitchenware industry.Now more and more houses, more and more decoration, kitchen utensils and appliances related products demand more and more, laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting sheet, stainless steel, fast speed, high precision, high satisfaction, and can achieve customized and personalized product development, kitchen utensils manufacturers love.

4. Sheet metal processing.Simply speaking, processing is a variety of plates, a variety of different graphics cutting pieces, laser cutting machine features in this industry development in full swing.

5. Cabinet industry.Including power distribution cabinet, file cabinet and so on, are sheet standardized production, requiring efficiency, using laser cutting machine four station or six station is more suitable, high efficiency. Double cutting is also available for certain plates.

6. Exercise equipment.Due to the national emphasis on sports health and personal health concept development.Square fitness equipment and household fitness equipment and so on are gradually developed, gradually increasing demand.Basically is a few tube material kind cut, use tube material laser to cut a machine to be more convenient and fast.


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