Fiber Laser Cutting Technology Advantages

- Jun 26, 2018-

Fiber laser are becoming more and more popular. In the future, it is the main tools in metal material processing field. It has several advantages compare with the traditional plasma and flame cutting method.


(1) High precision, speed, minimal heat-affected zone, cutting surface smooth.


(2) Laser cutting head is not touch the surface of the material, it will not scratch the workpiece.


(3) Narrowest kerf, minimal heat affected zone, local deformation of the workpiece is extremely small, no mechanical deformation.


(4) Processing flexible, working with software, can high precision cutting out any patterns drawing by mapping software. 

(5) Can cut metal sheet, metal pipe tubes. 


(5) Procee any hardness steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate, alloy and other materials cut without distortion.

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