How ACME CNC Processing Our Machine Structure

- Jun 05, 2018-

Machine structure is very important for the laser cutting machines. Especially for the high power because the metal sheet and tube you going to cut is very heavy. If your machine body not strong enough, it will shake while cutting, then absolutely the cutting accuracy will getting worse.

ACME machine structure processing 2.jpg 

        Machine structure for metal sheet laser cutting machine

All our machine body made by heavy duty whole steel plate integrated welded, it is much stronger than steel pipe welded machine body and cast steel machine body. After a long period of use, it will remain stable, no deformation and guarantee the high cutting accuracy.

Machine Bed.jpg.png

       Machine structure for metal tube laser cutting machine

We have perfect processing flow, welding, heat treatment, sandblasting, painting, roughing and precision finishing. Useing the most modern and advanced equipment like ITALIAN COLGAR HIGH ACCURACY MILLING CENTER to do milling etc. All our effort is to provide best machine to our customers.

2040 machine body (1).jpg


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