How Much Is A Laser Cutting Machine

- Aug 01, 2019-

As important in laser cutting machine, as the current metal processing equipment, it’s the necessary way of improving processing technology, the vast majority of metal materials can be precisely cut by laser equipment, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, etc. More and more companies see the advantages of laser equipment, so choose to purchase the laser equipment production.

How much is a laser cutting machine?

It’s also concerned by many consumers, in fact, the price of the machine is mainly determined by different power, and different power of the machine in the face of different kinds of metal plates, often show different effects. Taking 500W power as an example, it is more powerful to cut 1-3mm stainless steel, while cutting carbon steel requires more power. If the thickness of the stainless steel is above 6mm, then the 500W power of the machine is no longer suitable for production, need to increase the power, increase to 1000-1500W power.

However, if the thickness exceeds 10mm, more than 2000W of power is required.

In addition, a laser cutting machine specific price, but also need to see the other kinds of accessories, domestic accessories and imported accessories prices are not the same.

For consumers, what kind of equipment to choose for production depends on the actual production conditions. Thus, choosing a device with appropriate power can not only improve the production efficiency of enterprises, but also reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

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