How To Estimate The Cutting Quality Of Laser Cutting Machine

- May 25, 2018-


Now the development of manufacturing equipment has been more and more mature, and the laser cutting machine has been widely used in many industriy areas. The cutting quality is the key point to evaluate the performance of a laser cutting equipment. Let’s see how to judge the quality of a laser cutting machine.

1530 cut sample3 10mm CS.JPG

Smoothness of cutting surface

Some factors,the vertical lines with the cutting surface, and depth of the lines determines the roughness of cutting. So, the more shallow of the lines, the more smooth with the cutting surface. Because the roughness not only affect the appearance of cutting finishing, but also the frictional characteristic, that’s why we need to reduce the roughness of cutting.

1530 cut sample4 3000W IPG.JPG

The Cutting Verticality

If the metal sheet’s thickness more than 10mm, verticality of cutting edge is very important. If far away from the focus, the laser beams will become loose. Sometimes, the cutting edge will deviate vertical line. Therefore, The more vertical the edge, the better the cutting quality.

laser tube pipe cutting sample.JPG

The cutting sharp edge and deformation
The formation of sharp edge is very important for the quality of cutting, cause if you want to reduce the sharp edge, it have to need more extra power to make the material become smoothly. During the processing, the cutting material get high temperature, the parts will become out of shape then effect the cutting quality. Therefore, the cutting sharp edge and deformation can judge the cutting quality directly.


To get a good cutting quality, components of ACME laser are imported and world famous brand products, high precision, easy to operate, low failure rate, such as IPG, Raycus laser source, Switzerland Raytools laser head and Japan Yaskawa Servo Motor. With stable performance, the cutting defects greatly solved. Moreover,productivity are greatly improved and the cost of production effectively saved.

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As we all know, good machine is a value creator rather than a production tool only. Therefore, it is essential to choose a high quality fiber laser cutting machine during processing.  ACME CNC will be your best choice. Welcome to contact us for more machine details and we sincerely invite you to visit our factory. We have the ability to be your good partner.

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