How To Extend The Life Of Laser Cutting Machine

- Jul 19, 2019-

1. Strictly follow the operation process of laser cutting machine;

2. Operators shall not leave their posts without permission when the equipment is working;

3. Daily maintenance must be carried out, regular statistics of the use of the machine, and regular records of every part of the optical fiber laser cutting machine. If the effect is not good, timely replacement, so as to prevent problems before they occur;Such as long-term parking, when please in the machine tool each moving parts daub butter, wrap good anti embroidery paper, for other parts to regularly check whether there is rust phenomenon, and the rust parts for derusting, rust treatment (such as conditional can be in the external dustproof cover), and to regularly clean the machine tool, check.

4. The environment of the workshop should be kept dry and well-ventilated, with the ambient temperature between 4 and 33. In summer, please pay attention to prevent the "condensation" of the equipment, and do the anti-freezing of the laser equipment in winter.


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