How To Maintain Laser Cutting Bed In Summer

- Jul 25, 2019-

With the advent of hot summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, laser cutting bed in a long time of work, laser cutting bed maintenance will face this new problem, especially in the northern region, high temperature and dry climate environment, what should we pay attention to the maintenance of laser cutting bed?Acme laser summarized several equipment maintenance tips, will be more conducive to the normal operation of the equipment.

1. Change the pure water once a week, when the water temperature is more than 40 degrees on the change or take the pace, otherwise it will lower the service life of the laser tube or destroy the laser

2. Don't pay attention to the cooling water temperature and air temperature difference is too big, laser cutting bed of laser and optical lens are used water cooling way, because the water met with cold air will condense into water, when the cooling water temperature is less than 5-7 degrees at room temperature, laser and optical lens surface will be dew condensation water, to a large extent affected the light efficiency of laser and optical lenses, through to the great influence on the service life of laser energy and optical accessories.     Acme suggests the laser cutting bed users to set temperature for 30 to 32 degrees, control the cooling water temperature and room temperature difference in temperature is greater than 7 degrees.

3. Summer temperature rises, the laser cutting bed cooling system working pressure increases, Acme suggests that before the arrival of high temperature to check the maintenance of the internal snow pressure of the cooling machine, different manufacturers of equipment pressure is not quite the same, it is suggested to consult the specific parameters of equipment manufacturers before maintenance.

4 Summer due to higher temperature, cooling water and ever faster metamorphism, suggested that the laser cutting bed users use formal distilled water or pure water, and regularly cleaned scale, lest cause to laser and the pipe scale affect laser power. The different types of laser cutting bed cleaning scale method is also different, please operate under the guidance of the equipment manufacturer.

As the dust of metal laser cutting bed is mainly metal powder, it is suggested to clean the dust in the electrical cabinet of laser cutting bed regularly and check the working condition of cooling fan.

Summer scientific maintenance of laser cutting bed can not only improve the working efficiency of equipment will also extend the service life of laser cutting bed, so usually we must pay more attention to.

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