Laser Technology Cutting Features

- Nov 28, 2017-

1, the cutting quality is high-quality, fine

The laser beam used in the laser cutting can be focused into a small spot, the laser cutting machine can achieve high use of power, so it's cutting speed, high precision, but also to ensure that the workpiece No deformation occurs.

2, with strong applicability and sensitivity

This is a cutting process using thermal cutting technology, cutting the affected area is small, will not be a wide range of effects. It's another advantage is that some of the non-metal can be processed, of course, this is the other laser cutting machine equipment can not do.

3, has a very high energy, you can freely control the changes in its density, but also can be part of the operation

This laser beam has a very good control performance, we are free to control the operation of this laser cutting machine for any kind of hard materials can be cut accordingly. For those small accessories, we can also make a perfect cut locally.

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