Laser Technology Is Applied In Three Fields

- Jul 23, 2020-

Laser technology is applied in three fields

Laser marking, laser cutting and laser welding are three branches of laser technology application in China.


1. Laser marking technology is one of the larger application fields in laser production.

Laser marking is a marking method which USES high-energy density laser to stop the local flash of workpiece and make the surface material vaporize or produce chemical feedback of discoloration, thus leaving a permanent mark. Laser marking can produce various inks, symbols and graphics and characters from millimeter to micron size, which is of special significance for anti-counterfeiting products. A focused ultrafine laser beam ACTS as a tool that removes material from the outside of an object point by point. Its predecessor is the marking process non-contact production, no machine extrusion or machine stress, so it does not destroy the object being produced. Due to the small laser focusing size, small heat-affected area and high production accuracy, many traditional methods can be realized to complete the whole process.

The "tool" used in laser production is that after the light spot is focused, there is no need to reduce the rating of other equipment and materials. Only when the laser does not work can production be permanently interrupted. The laser production speed is fast and the cost is high. Laser production is actively controlled by computer and processing does not require payment of interference. What type of data a laser can mark depends only on what is produced in a computer.Only the marking system generated in the computer can be identified, so the marking machine can accurately restore the data generated on the appropriate carrier.So the performance of software determines the performance of the system to a large extent.

Laser cutting technology

Laser cutting technology is widely used in the production of metal and non-metal materials, which can greatly shorten the production time, reduce the production cost and improve the quality of the workpiece. The ancient laser has become the "sword" of people's dreams of "cutting iron in mud". Co2 laser cutting machine in our company as an example, the whole system consists of control system, the static system, optical system, water system, smoke and love blowing system, adopts CNC multi-axis linkage and the earliest form of laser energy, such as cutting, as well as the DXP PLT, nc, and other graphics mode and strengthen the function of interface graphical solution; It adopts a well-functioning imported servo and drive steering structure to achieve superior static accuracy at high speed.

Laser cutting is accomplished by high power density energy after laser focusing. Under computer control, pulse laser after discharge, so the input repeat of high frequency pulse laser control, lead to some frequency, pulse width of the beam, the pulse laser beam through the light path transmission and reflection and the appearance of the focusing lens group focus after the production object, cause of mild, high energy density, intensity, focal spot is located in the production face around, with low temperature melting or gasification production material immediately.Each high-energy laser pulse immediately erupts a large hole in the object's surface. Under the control of a computer, the laser head and the material produced stop at discrete absolute static points according to the subsequent drawing, thus making the object produced into the desired shape. In the cutting, the air flow coaxially ejects the cutting head with the beam, blowing out the melted or evaporated material from the bottom of the slang (note: if there is a heat feedback between the blowing and the material being cut, this feedback will bring additional power to the cut; The airflow also cools the cut surface, reducing the heat affected area and ensuring that the focusing mirror is not cleaned. Compared with the traditional production mode, laser cutting has the advantages of high cutting quality (narrow argot width, small heat-affected area, bright argot), fast cutting speed, high flexibility (can be cut arbitrarily), large amount of material and so on.

3. Laser welding

Laser material production skills to use one of the main aspects of laser welding, the welding process of heat conduction, i.e. the laser radiation heating workpiece appearance, appearance of heat conduction of heat by external decentralized control, energy, and the width of laser pulse peak power and repeating frequency, parameters such as melting artifacts, resulting in a particular pool. Because of its unique advantages, it has been successfully used in the welding of micro parts. The emergence of high power CO2 and YAG lasers has opened up a new field of laser welding. The deep fusion technology based on keyhole effect theory has been widely used in machinery, automobile, steel and other industries. Compared with other welding technologies, the important advantages of laser welding are fast welding speed, large welding depth and small deformation. Welding can be stopped at room temperature or under special circumstances. Welding installation instructions. For example, a laser beam passes through an electromagnetic field without deflection. The laser can weld in air and certain gases, or it can stop welding through glass or a clear beam of material. After laser focusing, the power density is high. When high-power devices are welded, the depth-width ratio can be up to 5:1 and the maximum up to 10:1. Welding high temperature resistant materials such as titanium, quartz, etc., can be used in the same material, the effect is superior.

For example, copper and tantalum are welded together at a yield of almost 100%. Microwelding can also be stopped. After focusing the laser beam can be very small, and the accurate location, can be in a small amount of active compounds of microprocessor and a small number of components, for example, integrated circuits, clock and watch of lead tube gun assembly because of using laser welding, such as processing not only big, high, small heat affected zone, solder joint without purification, greatly improving the quality of the welding.

Can be difficult to access parts welding, and can be no contact far interval welding, with a great deal of flexibility. Fiber transmission technology is used in YAG laser technology, which makes laser welding technology more widely used and popularized. Laser beam is easy to complete the time and space splitting of the beam, which can stop the simultaneous production and multi-station production of multiple beams, providing a premise for more accurate welding.

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