Medical Instruments - Laser Cutting Machine

- Jul 26, 2019-

Medical equipments are related to the safety of human life, and its processing precision has high quality requirements.Optical fiber laser cutting machine can cut very small angle, high aspect ratio cutting pieces, compared with the traditional laser processing, no matter the width of cutting angle, the thickness of recasting layer is obviously reduced.At the same time, the fiber laser cutting machine has the ability of freely adjusting pulse frequency and pulse period, so that the controllability of cutting can be improved obviously, and the precise cutting requirements of various medical equipment materials can be guaranteed.

Lasers are known to be linked to surgical accuracy.The laser can accomplish surgical tasks quickly and reliably, and the excellent stability between pulses of the laser enables consistent and repeatable surgical quality.The surface quality achieved by laser processing can meet the strict requirements of no defects, no grooves, no creases, no burrs and no cracks in the medical field.For example, a laser welded endoscope tube seam has a smooth, firm surface and biocompatibility with the base material.By setting the appropriate parameters,

Lasers can also be used to permanently mark medical devices with high quality.Laser cutting of complex implant systems for fractures allows smooth surfaces and burrless edges.The strength of laser welds is very stable.Highly advanced laser technology ensures the consistent quality of all work pieces.Trumpf's latest lasers achieve superior machining quality and use high quality data storage tools to record and store relevant machining parameters.With the increasing requirements in the field of medical device manufacturing, laser technology will play an increasingly important role in the field of medical device manufacturing.We believe that our medical equipment is more and more safe and people-oriented in the future.


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