Metal Laser Cutting Machine Processing Accuracy Of The Main Factors

- Nov 28, 2017-

Metal laser cutting machine processing accuracy ultimately depends on the metal laser cutting machine CNC machine itself to ensure the accuracy of precision CNC machine tools, including geometric accuracy, positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy and cutting accuracy. This is the main factor affecting the accuracy of metal laser cutting machine.

1. Geometric accuracy, also known as static precision. It is a comprehensive reflection of the metal laser cutting machine CNC machine tool key components assembled by the integrated geometry error. CNC machine tools used to test the geometric accuracy and test methods similar to ordinary machine tools, but the testing requirements higher.

2 positioning accuracy. It is the metal laser cutting machine numerical control machine tool axis in the determination of the end point can reach the actual position accuracy. The error is called positioning error. Positioning errors include servo system, the detection system, the error of the feed system, etc., but also the geometric errors of the moving parts guide. It will directly affect the accuracy of parts processing. According to the measured value of the positioning accuracy, you can determine the best automatic machining process can achieve the best workpiece accuracy.

3 refers to the metal laser cutting machine CNC machine tool repeatedly run the same code obtained by the consistency of the position accuracy. Repeat positioning accuracy by the servo system characteristics, feed system clearance and rigidity and friction characteristics and other factors, under normal circumstances, the repeat positioning accuracy is a normal distribution of accidental errors, which affect the consistency of a batch of parts processing is A very important indicator of accuracy.

4. Cutting precision, metal laser cutting machine is the geometric accuracy and positioning accuracy of a comprehensive inspection under the conditions of cutting.

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