Robot Arm Auto Loading And Unloading Pipe Laser For Korea Automotive Market

- Aug 13, 2019-

LT-0816 is a newly customized pipe fiber laser cutting machine for automobile parts cutting.Combined with two robots arm working together, it can save you not only labor cost but also greatly improve efficiency.

The automotive industry is a huge industry, encompassing everything from the designing, developing, producing and manufacturing of automotive vehicles, and finishing with the testing, marketing and selling of said vehicles.

There are hundreds of thousands of varying parts, pieces and people involved in the process along each step of the way. With so many different processes involved, it can seem complicated to ensure that it all runs smoothly towards building a safe and roadworthy vehicle.

Laser cutting is one process that is used at various stages of automotive manufacture to ensure the end product is reliable and safe for the consumer. In the article below, we have examined this in more detail.


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