Successful End Of ACME Qingdao Exhibition

- Aug 09, 2018-

Successful End of ACME Laser Qingdao Exhibition

During the 5 days exhibition days, We received a lot of customers to visit, they are very interested in our machines, they trying to know every aspect of the machine. And our showing light pipe laser cutting machine LT-6020D is also sold out. After exhibition, many customer will go to visit our factory to talk more cooperation things.

pipe laser cutting machinetube laser cutting machine

Oversea Customers

Customers from Iran,India,American,Korea,Australia,Turkey,Germany etc. They come to visit our booth and showing a big interest in our professional tube cutting machine. The demand is growing faster and faster in this segment market.

fiber laser cutting machinelaser cutting

Welcome to our next exhibition show! We do our best to provide you good machines.


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