The Choice Of Water Chiller

- Aug 05, 2019-

Laser cutting machine equipment must have a cooling configuration, used to cool the laser tube, because the laser tube during the work of the temperature will rise rapidly.

In the laser cutting machine industry, the water chiller or pump is usually used for cooling, but why do we recommend you to choose the water chiller?

Cooling device is necessary in the working process of laser tube. If there is no cooling device or the cooling device cannot work normally due to fault, it is likely to lead to the blasting of laser tube, so that the laser tube is scrapped.

Chiller water machine and water pump has a cooling effect, but we still recommend that you choose the cooling water machine for laser cutting machine is special, that the main reason, first of all, the water pump just have played an important role in a cycle, cooling effect is not too ideal, on low power laser tube can also, but is a little bigger for the power of the laser tube will exist a lot of hidden trouble, and a lot of cold water machine have basic can achieve constant temperature cooling cooling; Secondly, the chiller has a signal line. When the cooling system of the laser cutting machine has problems, it will send a signal to prevent the laser tube from emitting light and play a protective role, which is also not available in the pump.

Although the price of the chiller will be higher, but considering the main parts of the laser cutting machine laser, in order to extend the service life and play its use value, or suggest you choose our laser cutting machine for your special chiller.

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